Udvekslingsstudent anmelder årets musical


Refleksions and review of As We Are – Humans , Høje Taastrup Gymnasiums musical 2018.

By Macy Bisset, exchange student at Høje Taastrup Gymnasium, from New Zealand.

As We Are followed the character of Kim who went through different struggles and problems. Kim lost someone special to him/her. Kim was exposed to violence and darkness in the world. Kim got corrupted by others into doing bad things. Kim got beaten up and punched down. Kim also fell in love.

As We Are is about how people are all the same. We are all human, we all have feelings and expectations and responsibilities. It was about Kim, played by multiple actors to demonstrate that what Kim went through in the musical applies to what could happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, religious, short, tall, smart, creative, strong or weak. We are all humans.

“Everyone wants to be loved”. This quote, played an interesting role in the show. From what I understand Kim just wants to be loved, as the quote states. When Kim loses someone, she lost the one who loved him/her. So, she searches for someone to love him/her. Getting caught up in the right and wrong and just wanting to please everyone in order to be loved. This leads to Kim doing violent and bad things for the approval of those around him/her. This relates back to the message of all of us being the same. We all just want to be loved and accepted by someone. That means that sometimes we will go to extreme lengths to be accepted and loved. Doing things, we know are wrong for approval.

I liked the show. It was very different and opens up your perspective a little bit. You have to actually think about what is going on which means you’re analyzing the scenes and taking in what is going on. It makes the message memorable and helps you actually think about it for yourself, instead of just following a random story.

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